JOSEPH Y.X. ZHOU — Graphic Designer

Product Design - Wizardry Foundry Grimoire

Product Art & Marketing Collateral

Wizardry Foundry tasked me to create a series of Grimoire art (fantasy spellbook cover visuals). These ideas and designs were pitched and developed by me with feedback from customers. Designs had to resonate with the company’s core market, which is Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons players looking for stylish card cases to show off their collections & games in. All website, email, and ad banners for my designs (and a few others) were created by me.

ForWizardry Foundry RoleArtist & Graphic Designer
Date2016, 2017, 2018 See

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Cipher Pinterest Inspiration Board:

Dragonlord Pinterest Inspiration Board:

Deathrite Pinterest Inspiration Board:

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Black Friday 2017, a Facebook ad featuring my Hellbent Grimoire design among 3.

Black Friday 2017, a Facebook ad featuring 4 of my designs among 8!

Black Friday 2017, a Facebook ad featuring 3 of my pieces, Dragonlord, Artificer, & Deathrite among 4!

Black Friday 2017 – a Facebook ad featuring a lightning storm meeting angelic daylight.