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Banner Graphics Advertising Collateral - Kozuguru

Marketing Collateral

Kozuguru, an anime merchant located in the USA, tasked me to create the style and feel of banners for their online store, advertisements, and social media presence. They wanted each banner to retain the feeling of the series it was representing, yet keep a unique style of Kozuguru. I have adapted these banners into other marketing collateral sizes, such as Facebook/Instagram ads, email graphics, and AdRoll banners.

ForKozuguru RoleLead Graphic Designer
See Date2017, 2018, 2019

This was and still is one of the most highly clicked banners on the front page of the site.

This was one of Kozuguru’s most widely clicked banner during its duration on the frontpage of the site.

This was one of many Facebook ad banners I created for Kozuguru.

This was one of the most clicked on Facebook ad banners I created for Kozuguru.

Kozuguru also tasked me with creating a new utilitarian business card. They wanted to pack the front with information but leave the back open in case they wanted to write down notes for customers at conventions.

This banner had a high CTR on Facebook ads and many email sign-ups as a site pop-up.

Many site-goers loved this banner!